About Us

All Star Auto Buyer should be the first call you make any time you are considering selling a vehicle, and here are just a few reasons why.

The good folks of All Star Auto Buyers realize that every car and truck, regardless of make, model, year or condition, has value. It doesn't matter if the vehicle you want to sell is a burned out hulk or a handsome, newer luxury model in showroom condition, they both have value.

Founded by Daniel Patton, All Star Auto Buyer was created with a vision of giving people a simple, streamlined alternative to the hassles of trying to sell a vehicle to a private party. Additionally, the company is striving to help the environment by ridding the roads of gas guzzling vehicles and old wrecks. By giving the car seller a quick and easy process to get that old smoke belcher gone, the world becomes a cleaner, greener place.

If you have an old junk car cluttering up your property, All Star Auto Buyer wants to help you with your spring cleaning by paying you to remove that hulk. Scrap metal prices are high right now and you will get top dollar for that rusting eyesore. In many states, you won't even need a title to salvage that old wreck and the representatives at All Star Auto Buyer will help you with any questions you might have.

Anyone thinking about offering their vehicle for sale to the public might want to think again. When the public responds to your classified advertisement, you have no idea who is coming over to kick your tires, and do you want this person to drive off alone to test drive your car? Do you want to get in the car with a complete stranger and drive off with them?

When advertising your car for sale, you will have to give up your phone number or email address and maybe both. Plus you'll have to share an address where the car can be seen. Imagine what damage a hacker could do with that information.

Taking these unknowns out of your car selling equation is simple; contact All Star Auto Buyer for a purchase price.